One of the business challenges Quickbooks faced was the conversion of small businesses from using spreadsheets to using their software.

To show the dramatic potential of Quickbooks and inspire change, we transformed iconic, notoriously grumpy, television characters who had small businesses. FY20 global launch. Note: one of our original spots featured the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, but the client, wanting to play it safe, pulled the plug. No soup for you!

The spots were part of a $100m campaign spanning multiple channels from TV to OLVs, social, digital, and even a line of Dojo merch. 

Role—Creative Director


To show how easy it is to invoice or run payroll on the QuickBooks app, we created a series of interactive IG Stories using the same tapping functionality to get our message across.


We leaned into existing behaviors with Janine and Sensei posting  
their grumpy past life selves.


Koala Kai Merch